Sunday, December 9, 2012


My heart beats heavy inside my chest.
I'm waiting for something.

What is it Lord? 

I'm ready for the next step, the next adventure, but You're telling me to be still and wait, hold back from busyness, schedules, jobs, and long drives.

My heart is restless.
I can feel it trying to escape my body when I lay awake at three, four, five in the morning.

Maybe it's all this comfort making me uncomfortable,
this itching of the suburbs and all these white people.
This luxury.
This safety.

Be still. Be still. Be still.
Remember, He is God. 


  1. Thank you for writing this, it feels like you wrote it for me. Will be praying for you as a fellow person affected deeply by Kolkata. i just recently made a big decision about my future: I have left my course at university and I'm gonna go to bible college instead. xx

    1. Ah Rebecca! Keep following His lead in your life!

  2. Thank you. This has spoken to me as well. I miss Kolkata soooo much and think of it every minute of every day.

    I now have to sit, wait, listen and see what the lord wants me to do.

    Thank you again


    1. Ellen, I feel you. Sometimes sitting at His feet and listening are the hardest things He asks us to do.