Saturday, February 11, 2012

To India

Wild heart, child heart, all of the world your home.
Glad heart, mad heart, what can you do but roam?

-"The Wanderlust" by Robert William Service

Again God has flamed the fires of wanderlust within my soul, driving me forward into unknown territory, another dark continent in desperate need of the light of the Holy Spirit.


A few months ago, I found out a church in my area was going on a mission trip to India, but they were going a week before I could go, so I told them I would meet up with them halfway through their trip. Well, a few weeks later I got an email saying they were no longer going because they couldn't muster up enough people to join. I asked for the contact in India and I contacted her myself.

In a series of beautiful, miraculous events, I obtained an Indian Visa, a place to stay in Kolkata, India, someone to pick me up from the airport, a job to do while I'm there, and a plane ticket. God is still showing me favor and providing above what I will need for this trip.

I will be leaving March 10th, arriving in Kolkata on March 12, then leaving March 23rd.

I had a friend ask me, "What are you going to do in India?"
My only reply was, "Get off the plane and find out why God wants me in India."

Really, that's all I've got. I have always been fascinated with India, the culture, the people, the religions, and have always wanted to visit just for the sake of visiting. But God has taken that fascination and turned it into a passion through which He will work and bring His saving grace to people in India. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve.

I am in desperate need of prayer (as we all are, if we are totally honest with ourselves). Please join me in prayer for the following items:

-Pre-trip preparations, that everything would continue as smoothly as God has allowed it to be thus far
-Health: nearly everyone I've talked to that has come back from India has come back with some sort of illness. Please pray a protective covering over my health so I can do the work of the Lord most efficiently
-The people: pray the people God has me come in contact with will have hearts open to recieve the Gospel of Hope
-For God's will to be seen clearly, and that His direction for my path in India will also be clear

But the most important thing you can pray for me about is Battle: I know I will be in heavy spiritual battle once in India. I am going on my own, not in a group, not meeting anyone I's just me and God on this trip. I know the fear will set in once I am on the ground in India and the attack will begin. Please pray that the fruit of the Spirit would prevail and that the armor of God would be intact.

Thank you for your prayers.

In His Love,