Saturday, August 16, 2014

Old Bananas. New Job.

I watched the bananas on the counter lose their yellow luster, overcome by brown age. As I was thinking of throwing them away, I remembered the banana bread my housemates Rediet and Kira would make in our apartment in Houston. Why waste old bananas when  I could throw some sugar and egg into a bowl and make something delicious? I thought of communal meals, of simple living, of using all available resources and not wasting anything. I thought of Kira, and Red, and Taylor, and Heather, and Charlie. I thought of them all and loved them intensely as the bread rose and filled the house with the scent of warm bananas.

Life without their presence has been different, challenging in many ways. 

I've been invited into new ways of experiencing community and dialogue. 

On Monday I started my new job as a Direct Care Worker at Goldensun Peace Ministries, a community of people who work to empower adults who are differentially abled. I basically get to hang out with my new neighbors all evening, conversing, playing games, making meals, engaging in conflict resolution, and building relationships. Community. 

The packing process continues as I await my new community member's arrival. Only ten days until he arrives and only seventeen days until we move into our community house! Meanwhile I'm getting the bus system down. 

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