Monday, July 21, 2014

Moment By Moment

As the months turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into days, I have watched time speed up and slow down, compress and expand to fit every detail of the last moments of my time in Houston.

There has been momentous celebrations, like the time we rode the bus with Dawson for the last time. Dawson determined to ride a total of 65 bus lines before the end of the year, and we were with him to celebrate the last one!

There was the time we ran around in the Splash Pad because it was hot.

There was the time Erica and I went hunting for art, butterflies, and frozen yogurt. 


There was a party celebrating our time in Houston.

There were bitter sweet goodbyes at our church, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. 

This week finishes my time at the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation. Next week we will be gathering for a retreat to help us reflect on our time in Houston. Then I'll be heading back to Phoenix. 

The thoughts and emotions bundling within me are hard to express in words. 

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  1. 'tis an honor to get a recap blog update shoutout! :)