Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pizza by Candlelight

Working my way through conflict resolution, modes of communication, and healthy boundary setting with six other people in intentional community can get messy. It is often very painful as I discover unhealthy aspects of my mind, heart, and soul, the wounds I've covered up, the pride I excuse as leadership, the unhealthy ways of operating I've made normal over the years.

And then there are nights like these: Nights of candle lit pizza parties in the living room, making silly child like forts under the table, singing Imogen Heap and Matisyahu together, enjoying each other's presence. My roommate Taylor told me later that night, "Ya know, this is what I thought community would be like all the time: beautiful, fun, candle light..." We weren't prepared for the mess of community. But knowing the mess, the pain, and the trials makes the beautiful moments so much sweeter.

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