Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's So Great About Michigan?

On Wednesday July 31st I caught a flight to Midland, Michigan to begin a five week adventure with my family. I arrived at about 9pm on the 31st, after being stuck on a runway in Detroit for an hour as the plane burned fuel trying to get us to a proper landing weight to arrive in Saginaw airport. Since that night, it has been nonstop movement.

My siblings and I picked up my parents from the airport the day after I arrived. My parents have lived in Kenya for the last three years running an orphanage in a village called Joska. This is their first trip back to the US since they've left for Kenya, and my siblings and I were able to be there to pick them up from the airport.

The first thing we did the day after they arrived was go to a Loons game. The game ended up being canceled after three hours of waiting for the field to dry after a random downpour. But we had an awesome time anyway.

I was also pleasantly surprised when my grandmother gifted me with a handmade quilt. I sent her a bunch of my saris and materials from my visit in India, and she put them together on a quilt. 

That weekend we had our McDonald family reunion where my parents were able to get reacquainted with their family who they haven't seen in over three and a half years, especially my great grandma, the matriarch of our family. 

My mom and I spent another day thrift shopping with my Grandma Rusty in her Lady truck. 

And of course at some point I had to walk down to the Tittebawassee River to find peace and do some yoga. 

My brother, Mark, left today to head back to Phoenix. I'm really bummed about it because I know I'm not going to see him for at least five months. My mom and I were introduced to Duck Dynasty as we sat watching tv here in Midland, and we realized we were watching a show about my brother. So, my grandpa bought him a Duck Dynasty shirt. My brother looks like he belongs on the show. 

Even though my brother left today, and my sister will be heading back to Phoenix on Thursday, I will be hanging out in Midland, Michigan for the next month with my parents and extended family, baking cookies with my aunt, thrift shopping with my grandma, and getting my great grandmother's life story. 

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