Friday, June 22, 2012


Yesterday, my friends Fabrizio, Cecile, and I went journeying to North Kolkata to visit some Hindu temples.

Our first stop was Dakshineswar Temple, a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Kali, an "angry god" as some of my Indian friends have described, on the Hooghly River.

It definitely was beautiful.  We took off our shoes, handed over our cameras to Cecile, and wandered inside to find hundreds of people lined up to offer their gifts to Kali.  I am not super sensitive to spiritual atmospheres, but just the idea of what was happening really hit me.  People giving offerings to a statue, a carved idol, that can do absolutely nothing for them. Thousands, even millions, of Hindus are putting their faith in gods made my their own hands. It made me sad. I prayed. We left. 

Much like the pictures you may have seen of people bathing in the Ganges, people also bathe in the Hooghly River, trying to get a little of the temple's spirituality on them. 


 We then got on a boat to go over Hooghly River and visit Belur Math, another Temple.

I couldn't get any photos of Belur Math because they were pretty strict about their no camera policy, but we did have some fun around the temple. 

He wasn't really...

I really liked the fried potatoes!

This is sexy Ganesh, Hindu god who brings success and money. Fabrizio had to get one for his sister. 

Wrapping up sexy Ganesh. 

Then we headed back to central Kolkata by bus. 

Fabrizio is really tall and likes to sit in the handicapped section of the bus because there's more leg room.  Cecile made sure to get her spot in the senior citizen's section.  I wish I had a picture of that!

We then grabbed some lunch and walked around New Market and Sudder Street. 

I then spent some time at Ahad's store as the rains came down. Ahad was deciding whether or not to buy some Jujubes (I think that's what they are), sweet fruits. 

He then had to bring in all the clothes from the rain. 

And now, the grand finale: I got sick yesterday after all that traveling around. I was up coughing all night (my poor roommates) and then woke up with a fever and body aches.  Mother Teresa has a dispensery at Shishu Bhavan where people can come to get free medical treatment, so I went there this morning and the doctor gave me some pain pills, antibiotics, and cough drops. I will be taking it easy for the next few days while my body recuperates. 

Prayer requests:
- For God to completely heal and restore my body and my energy.
- For God to keep me from sin and temptation.
- For God to work mightily in Kolkata, bringing His freedom to Muslims and Hindus in the city. 
- For God to move Ahad's heart, to bring him visions of God's love and life. 

Thanks for your love and prayers, friends. 

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  1. Tarrin, Thank you for the great pictures. Please keep them coming. Please take care of yourself and keep safe. Loved seeing you on skype.
    Papa and Grandma