Friday, June 8, 2012

Dubai and Beyond

Here's what 6 months and 45 pounds worth of luggage looks like.

Some of you are looking at that and saying, "She had to take that much?!" And others are saying, "Oh man, she's not taking anything!" I'm pretty stoked I simplified it to that little, but I still wish I could have gotten rid of more.  God will work on that in me while I am in Kolkata. Simplify. I have a love hate relationship with that word. I love having so little with me, but I hate the process of purging.  I love to cling to things. God has quite a work to do in me. 

Two of my siblings took me to the airport and hung out with me until I just had to leave and get it over with.  Last time I visited India, I missed my first flight because of how long the check-in line was.  This time I showed up three hours and early and breezed through check-in and security and had about two hours to just hang out. Better than missing a flight though.  

After 34 hours of travel, I have arrived safe and sound in Kolkata.  I was expecting to have to negotiate my fare for a taxi, but the police have a booth set up where they have a set price you pay for a cab depending on your destination.  I was expecting to spend 250 Rupees for the ride, but I ended up paying 240 and didn't have to deal with any hassle, except for that cute little begging boy who told me, "Sit here miss," pointing to the back seat of the cab.

Ah, Kolkata travel.

The guest house had a bed ready for me.  I'm waiting to unpack until the other girls I'm sharing this dorm with arrive because I don't know if they have a system of how they have things set up in here. For now, I'm going to lay on the bed under the fan and try to dry off.  It's about 90 degrees F with 60% humidity, so it feels like 110 degrees.

I can also hear Rend Collective Experiment and other worship tunes blaring from the window in the dorm room outside my window.  This is going to be awesome.

I am going to try and stay up until it's a decent time to go to bed (it's only 10:50am right now), but sleep has been sporadic over the last 48 hours. Had a two hour nap before heading to the airport, then a 4-5 hour interrupted nap sitting up on the 13 hour flight to Dubai, then I curled up on a couch at a Haagen Dazs shop in the Dubai airport, then I took a few minutes nap on the flight to Kolkata.

Here is what a tired, shiny, happy girl looks like in her new home. Sidenote: what's up with my feet swelling up to look like hobbit feet? Oh humidity.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures ;)


  1. While resting put your feet above the level of your heart! That's what long distance travel will do to you dear. I can't say enough how proud I am of you and in awe of what you are doing (I would say alone but I know your Heavenly Father is right beside you). Love you and have a blessed, wonderful, eye/ear/heart opening experience....He will never fail you!!!!

  2. Happy to hear you arrived safely. We pray for you daily. Keep the blogs coming. Love You
    Papa and Grandma