Sunday, July 17, 2011


We don't say "Goodbye." We say "Tuonane." "Let's see each other again."

The last night with the group we had a drum circle. My new friend Tameira taught me some drumming basics. I need some work ;)

Today I said "Tuonane" (pronounced two-uh-non-ay) to Anastacia and her family who I have come to love. I love her friendship and her family. Anastacia is going to be the house mom for the orphanage my parents are building. Right now she is taking care of her own children (three who live with her, four others who board at schools) and two orphans. She is trying to learn to budget, which can be difficult for anyone, but especially hard when you have to decide between getting rice or beans that day, not between going out for a fancy dinner or eating fast food. Her decisions put all of mine to shame.

Below is me, Isaac, Daniel, and Brian. Anastacia, me, Isaac with his stunna shades, Daniel, and Brian. From left: Jacinta (an orphan being looked after by Anastacia), Anastacia, Edward (Anastacia's son), Erustus (another orphan being looked after by Anastacia), and of course, the boys at the bottom, Daniel (son), Brian(neighbor kid), and Isaac (son). Isaac loves his Transformers stunna shades!

Little Brian is seriously the cutest kid I have ever seen. He is always over at Anastacia's house because he has friends to play with. Anastacia looks after him like he is her own son.
This is my last week. I have to say my tuonanes and get in last minute visits before heading out on Friday. I can't believe my time here is almost over. It feels like I just got here, like I just got home.

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