Thursday, July 21, 2011

Switching Continents

This will be my last blog post from the African continent. My parents and I have spent the last few days visiting different places in Kenya like Fourteen Falls and this awesome wood carving place.
We went to a place where they do wood carvings that are sold at Masai Market and other markets around Kenya. These guys are crazy good at what they do. They even use their feet to help them carve!

This cutie was born Sunday. She is the baby of Nice View's cow, Milky Way.
Sheila (the black one) and Brutus (the brown one eating tin foil) roam the compound at night, barking if they hear something suspicious. They're watchdogs, but they are seriously the most friendly, loveable dogs I've ever met. They love to play and rub up against me when I'm out with them, probably because no one around here considers dogs pets.

And this is Kilonzo and Kioko, our night watchmen who also roam the compound at night. It took a few tries to get Kioko (on the right) to smile, but once I put on his hat we got a smile out of him.
I know the transition back to the US is going to be difficult, leaving my parents, people I have come to love, and the struggles I know many people are going through here in Kenya.

I pray for grace to come back to the US, grace to deal with the guilt and hurt I am going to feel.

See ya'll on the other side of the world...

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  1. Tarrin,
    Thanks for all the wonderful Blogs from Kenya.
    Have a safe trip and let us know when you get back to Phoenix.