Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green My Hood

Started by Leroy Barber, Mission Year's previous Director and now the Director of Word Made Flesh, Green My Hood is a way for Mission Year teams to beautify our neighborhoods in some lasting way. Some teams create murals, fix fences, or pick up trash. My team decided we were tired of the shattered glass bottles and trash that line our street, so we went out and picked it up.


We then headed over to Celeste's house to clean and tidy her living room and rearrange her bedroom so she can more easily move around without the worry of tripping over anything. After working for several hours on the house, we all went home for a dinner of Black Bean Burgers (which Celeste complimented twice--a rarity for her!).

Charlie and Red found their scent: Charlie Red! 
Celeste and Taylor took a nap break

Lots more space!

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