Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Break

After baking all day Saturday, my team and I set up our bake sale in front of our church and hoped for the best.

The result was $350 going toward our team fundraising goal!

This trimester has seemed so short. I came back from Christmas break in early January and I'm already preparing to go back to Phoenix for Spring Break this Friday. After this there's the last four month haul, no breaks.

While I'm in Phoenix for a week I will be meeting with folks to discuss future intentional community plans in the Glendale/Phoenix area, as well as getting together for game nights and potlucks.

Phoenix is home for me in a way Houston can't be. I felt the desire to root myself in a place and build relationships with people, and I knew Phoenix was that place. I know I will continually be led back.

However, it's strange to think about life after this community we've formed here in Fifth Ward.


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