Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Dog and Reindeer Games

Last night was my community's weekly "Family Night" when we get together to intentionally spend time with one another, enjoying one another.

After going to the gym, Charlie and I stopped by our elderly neighbor's house to put some Christmas lights on her tree and dress her dog up in a Santa suit (that he did not like).

We then headed home to eat a delicious meal of Shepherd's Pie (vegetarian for three of us) and take silly Christmas photos. 

We settled onto our couches with hot chocolate, blankets, pillows, and a stash of candy and cookies in the middle of the floor, to watch Elf on a computer (since we don't have a tv). 

It was a beautiful, relaxing way to spend our last "Family Night" of 2013. 

Each of us will be heading out this week to go home (or be with friends) for Christmas. Your prayers are appreciated as we travel, as we talk to people and try to explain all the changes that have happened within us, and as we discern our way through God's plans for us during these next two weeks. 

Thanks, friends. And enjoy your Christmas! 

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