Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sleeping In the Gym

"Where you stand determines what you see."
- Kathy Kelly

The adventure begins. 

5am: leave for Flint
Catch a plane to Baltimore
Catch a plane to San Antonio
Catch a plane to Houston

I arrived at Hobby airport in Houston, greeted by some folks in "Love God + Love People" shirts holding Mission Year signs. They drove me to a church where, over the next few hours, 60 of us newbies gathered. The hot button discussions began right away: women in ministry, gay rights, socialism v. capitalism, social justice for immigrants. I was exhausted by dinner time. 

I met my housemates in person for the first time, which was my favorite part of the day yesterday. One of my housemates looks strikingly like one of my exes... 

That night, 40 of us girls pulled out air mattresses in the gymnasium of the church we are using as a temporary shelter this week while we go through orientation. No showers. I was covered in travel, Houston humidity, and bug spray: not bathing was not an option. To the bathroom sink I went, washcloth in hand. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. The air mattress last night wasn't such a great idea for me. I had a ridiculous headache all day that kinda drew me away from some of the conversation and activity. Tonight I'm making a better choice: tumbling mat covered in blankets. 

We woke up at 6am today, packed all of our stuff up, packed the mattresses away, and began our whirlwind day of discussions, presentations, and team building activities. 

I've taken my 5 minute shower (the time we are allotted because we are using the church's homeless shelter facilities) and am feeling clean and fresh and so so exhausted. 

We had presentations on faith and justice, art and faith, neighboring, and, my personal favorite of the day, how our worldviews are formed and how to be more aware of them in order to have more grace with ourselves and with others. 

As I meditated today, figuring out how I fit here and how to be here, I heard the words, "Be slow to speak." I am here to learn. I feel that silence is a big part of my journey, that I will have plenty of opportunities to hold back my own opinion, advice, and judgment until I have listened, really listened. 

I hope I will have another opportunity to be on here again, but with our schedule this week, I'm not sure. 

Starting Monday we begin a 7 week technology fast in order to better develop relationships with our housemates and our neighbors. I will be able to use technology on Fridays, my Sabbath. If you email, call, comment, or leave messages for me, I will attempt to reply to them all on Fridays. Thanks for being patient with me as I go through this transition! We will be moving into our apartment Wednesday. 

Prayers for my team's transition into our apartment, into our new life together, are greatly appreciated! 

If you'd like to help support me on this journey you can click on the side link to donate to my Mission Year account. 

Thanks for all your love! 


  1. always in my prayers. <3

  2. Love, prayers and more love sent your way! Can't wait to hear all your God stories. Love you Roo! ♡

  3. You are in our prayers daily Little One...God is with you ya so much, Daddio