Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Pain Has Meaning: Lessons from a Korean Nun in India

Sister Margaret, the small sweet nun whose voice you have to lean into, sat next to me one morning in Kolkata as I sat in the basement of Mother House entering volunteer information into a large log book.

She told me about her life, her family, the convent, going on home visits to devil possessed homes, and about the soul.

"Tarrin, where is your soul?" She asked me in her quiet Korean accent.

"It's not in a specific place," I replied, "It's everywhere in me."

"Soul is your whole being. Jesus lives in us, so He lives in whole being: in eyes, mouth, hands, head. When I knew Jesus was in all of me, my headache from the devil house went away. Jesus take away. Sometimes we need pain to understand Jesus' suffering."

Sometimes we experience pain to understand the heart of the Father and the agony endured by His Son.
Heartache. Distress. Helplessness.

Our pain has meaning. Our hurts have purpose.

God is a redemptive God, a God of resurrection. He recycles the ugly pieces of our lives and uses them to bring forth beautiful things.

Your pain has meaning. 

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