Sunday, November 25, 2012

Worth So Much More

I called Ahad today and we talked for over an hour. He went to my Indian guesthouse this morning for English class with my friend Charlotte who graciously decided she would continue classes after I left, but they wouldn't let him in. Apparently they're not allowing him in any more. So, he went home and spent the day in bed (because it was his day off) then he went to Mother House for prayer at 6pm. The Sister at the door started asking him a bunch of questions: who are you, where are you from, which religion are your parents, etc. He answered honestly, even telling her that his parents are Muslim but he is not. The Sister told him he could not go to the chapel to pray but could go to Mother's tomb for five minutes. He told me he went and sat for ten minutes and then was asked to leave. He told the Sister he would never come back. I told him he should pray about it and if God wants him to come back, he should. 

All day being rejected by people who freely allowed him to come in when he was with an American. I tried to tell him that no matter what people do, God still loves him and is chasing after him. God will never reject him or abandon him. 

It's so frustrating. How is he going to know the love of Christ if no one shows him? If everyone just closes the door on him because they are afraid? 

I understand why these places are suspicious. They are Christian organizations that take care of foreigners and they have to be discerning about Indian men, especially non-Christian Indian men, because they have had instances where Indian men have followed foreign women around and cheated them in some way or another.  I understand this. But to close the door on a man who is seeking... 

"It's about class, status, style. All religion the same," he told me. 

"God doesn't care about class, status, or style," I told him. "He loves you." 

God doesn't care that his family is Muslim. 
God doesn't care that he never had any formal education. 
God doesn't care that he has been poor his whole life.
God loves Ahad. God loves him with an everlasting love. 
And it breaks my heart to see Christians turn him away from seeking Jesus. 

This readjustment process is weird. I don't know how I feel about things. I'm just taking it day by day. 

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