Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was sitting in bed last night thinking about the course of my life.

Why have things turned out the way they have?

Why did I go from ridiculous teenager in the midst of boys and late nights, to rebellious teenager into too much partying, to Spirit filled young adult, to middle school English/Government teacher, to missionary in India, to who knows what next?

Where is the thread, the pattern, the reason? Why did I got to University for 5 years to only use that degree for 2.5 years before moving on to something else? Why, why why...

Then I had a revelation, so simple and so profound it left me baffled the rest of the day:

What if it was never about me? 

Not about me? 
My life isn't about me? 

What if the only reason for anything in my life is because God needed someone to fill that space, to do that work, to talk to that person, and I happened to be available? 


It's not about me. 

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